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Water, Earth, Air, Fire you are the vessel. Let us open our hearts. Surrender to the inner exploration, the watery depths of our souls evolution. Releasing our fears & expressing our innermost truths. Together, infinite reflections, compassion flows. We are here to witness to integrate release & renew.  Death & resurrection in a moment of full bloom, with true strength we soften within the temple. A warm cup of tea in hand, a smile to melt away the chill of deep isolation. Healing hands invite us to come home to our bodies, these celestial vessels that allow us to experience a dynamic spectrum of pleasure & pain. Let us celebrate with reverence through connection the Divine Comedy that we call Life. 


Enter the inner sanctum of the Existential Action Tea Temple. Offerings of tea & cacao, needle free acupuncture, tarot, breathwork & mystical delights await. Slow down, ground, reflect & connect.  



check the chalkboard daily for timings and scheduled offerings


Existential Action Tea
Artist, Performer, Experience Creator

The journey of life can break you open, push you to your edge so you can see what lies ahead or beneath the surface layers, going deeper, breathing into the shadow and with the will you may emerge stronger, lighter, illuminated with more tolerance, allowance, love & acceptance. Other times the journey teaches us through serving others, foregoing our own astral metaphysical scuba expedition & creating an opportunity to hold someone in need when they’re ready to come up for air. A warm cup of tea in hand, a smile to melt away the chill of deep isolation. I love creating environments that balance both the Feminine and Masculine energies while honoring the elements. I am a creator a hunter & gatherer I hunt & gather knowledge, love & experience, materials & wisdom to sustain to thrive & to inspire. As a human, artist and co-creator of the Existential Action Team, I strive to create spaces that are personal, that acknowledge all senses and that can transport any being into an altered state of consciousness one that reminds us of our interconnectedness, while feeling safe and supported. My aim is always set to inspire and bewitch!

Full spectrum feeler, Midwest born and raised on a desire to create and move my body.  Kitchen witch, spinster, all things fiber and feelings- interior design and tea time on the daily.  Natural dyes and a desire to live in harmony with our Earth and its inhabitants.


Katherine will be bringing the latest Easy Tiger Tea to sip on and holding down the service with tea and aromatic experiential bee priestess installations.  Meditational cushion offerings as well as ceremonial adornments and cosmic conversation for the realists, and the existentialists ;)

Cupping, Auricular Acupuncture, Electro-Stim Acupressure 

Tony Watkins received his acupuncture training in the USA and China, at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York) and the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Nanjing). 
A graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a New York State licensed acupuncturist, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of patients in New York, both in private practice and in more public health settings. With a focus on e-stim acupuncture, infrared light, and CBD topical pain relief, Tony balances the traditional and modern approaches to healing, treating orthopedic disorders and pain management, as well as psycho-emotional issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


Catherine Andersen is a multidisciplinary artist hailing form Los Angeles. Focused on recycled and upcycled fashion, she explores the world following woven textile arts and learning weaving techniques from grandmothers and peers around the world. 

With a love for color, pattern, and style she has always had an appreciation for wearable arts. 


This sunset campout she is thrilled to be hosting some day classes to teach people how to mend their favorite clothing(feel free to bring something that could use a little love) as well as some basic upcycling skills (so bring something you love the pattern, colors or design but it’s just not quite right) and together reincarnate your preloved items into your new favorite pieces! 


By night she will be serving tea /Cacao with the Existential Action Tea House alongside the great Sparkles Positron, Kat Moons, and Amaya Rose. 

Sculptural Botanical Garden

A flower farmer and found object artist, Juli (Snowbroth) merges the worlds of sculpture and floristry into sustainable environments of curiosity and color.     



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