The Sunset Campout Faerie Ring is an interactive heart centered communal environment designed to relax, breathe, reconnect and experience a little Sunset Campout magic. Throughout the years, the area has evolved into a sacred space hosting yoga, meditation, sound healing, creative conscious workshops, ceremony and more.

Faerie Ring Onsite Coordinator

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Living Fae have been holding space, designing altars and sacred space, and performing opening ceremony for Sunset Sound System parties and Sunset Campout since 2002. Their light and love creations have blessed numerous festivals and events including: Sunset Sound Meditation, The Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Global Sound Healing Conference, Agape International Spiritual Center, Faerie Worlds, their annual Summer Solstice Celebration and Living Fae ritual events.

Sunset Campout Workshops, Faerie Ring, Altars and Ceremony

Sunset Campout Workshops, Faerie Ring, Altars and Ceremony




Join our Sunset Campout crew for Opening Ceremony on the Beach Stage to reunite and connect with the elements. Living Fae, Anna Scott, Lois Langevin-King, Ursula Young, Bali, Alexandra Sargent, Lacey Patterson, Julianna Maria, Krystal Langevin, RayRay, Silver Lucy, Danielly Aldana, Galen, Solar, JBird & Crew with Danny Goldberg on Gong.



Join Galen and crew for a closing blessing on the Beach Stage.



Wind down from the weekend in a restorative savasana with Danny Goldberg and friends for Universal sound vibrations with Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Native Flutes, Ocean Drum & a variety of instruments used in holistic healing.





Jacktone, Lover's Rock

LIVE - Sunday Night in the Faerie Ring.

Soothing Handpan Grooves

Come prepared to relax and align your chakras with the beautiful sounds created by this beautifully unique instrument. Getting you inspired for the weekend ahead.

Sunset Campout Flashback

Premiering Friday Night in the Faerie Ring. Join Shanna for the premiere of a special showcase of photos and videos which capture memories of the last 10 years of Sunset Campout in Belden.


Sound Immersion Experience

A restorative sound healing with gongs, Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes and ocean drum to guide you into a deep meditative state. Through the vibrations of these  instruments, you experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables you to journey within and center.

Uplift your spirit for a very special journey through sound and space to align with the land and the spirits!  Begin with laying down and going through a whole body activation with classic sound healing instruments such as alchemical bowls, didgeridoos and flutes and ancient Mayan toning ... after this journey  transition into movement and dance via electronic sound and lyrics

Sound Healing


Moon & Sun Harmony

A guided shamanic workshop. Alignment of the masculine and feminine powers. The moon and sun are our ancient guides to harmony within the soul. Learn skills to use these powers to cleanse, energize and protect.

Ecstasy, Radiance, Magic 

Elevate yourself and create some magic. Tune your vibration into the electromagnetic field of the Universe in a yogic workshop incorporating asana, mantra, pranayam, and a Magic Meditation for self mastery. Savasana includes a special crystal infused Usui Reiki.


Engage in a powerful conversation to shift out of chaos and experience a guided meditation to access your empowered, authentic self, regain power in peace, and learn the magic to turn the tides in your favor.

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Herbal First Aid

People have been effectively using healing plant medicines for first aid since there have been injuries to treat. This class will be extremely practical and highly-informative, introducing you to the use of herbal plants to address common first-aid situations at campouts and beyond. We’ll review various forms of plant preparations, recipes, and how to build a first aid kit geared for your festive needs. Workshop will end with a tour of the Grassroots Apothecary Herbal First Aid station.

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Emotional patterns (such as how we deal with anger or sadness) can be unraveled and released through the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and their effect on the amygdala gland within our brains.  In this workshop you will learn how this works physiologically, which oils to use for certain emotions and a simple technique for applying the oils that will enable you to easily incorporate this new knowledge into life after the campout.

Grassroots Apothecary

For herbal remedies, stop by Dixie Pauline’s Grassroot Apothecary for some Herbal 1st Aid & Wellness. The mini apothecary comes packed with an assortment of herbal ‘festival formulas’ that range from soothing sore/dry throats, immunity-boosting blends, digestive aids, grounding and nervous system nourishment; cooling spritzers, and more to address maladies that we typically see at festivals such as dehydration, minor headaches, dry/sore throats, common cold/low-immunity, over-exertion, minor gut issues, anxiety and insomnia. Located next to the Faerie Ring, hours of operation noon - 6:00PM daily.  grassrootsapothecary.org/service-rates

Refresh your Mind: Hydrosols and Aromatic Waters

Learn the benefits of these magical medicinal waters and revitalize and refresh with aromatic spritzing in the heat of the day! Monica Fine, alchemist and distillation expert,  joins us in the Faerie Ring for an explanation of what they are, an overview of their creation, and the countless ways they benefit your well-being. This workshop features a custom hydrosol distilled at Sunset Campout in Belden. 

Aromatics Distillation

Visit the Faerie Ring Thursday afternoon to see distillation for medicinal waters in action.

Holotropic Breathwork

If you’re ready to feel good and let go of some of the junk in your life that’s been holding you back, holotropic breathwork is a great place to start. If you’ve been holding on to pain or resentment or any other gross garbage that’s making you feel less like yourself these days then I encourage you to come breathe it out with us. No “woo-woo”. There’s no pretense. We’re just here to breathe in and let go. We will be lying down so bring something to lie on if you like. Eye covers are helpful too.

Tarot Readings

Join Ida on Saturday evening in the Faerie Ring to connect with your higher self for guided insight through divinatory readings.



Activate & Sparkle

Sparkle up your aura and activate your crown chakra to access your higher consciousness in this powerful Kundalini Yoga class. Reset yourself, strengthen and expand your energy field, energize, feel light, high, and vibrant. 

Yoga Asana. The Light Within

Settle in to the beautiful town of Belden in this class comprised of simple postures, tai chi, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and an intuitive energy meditation at the end. The appropriate combination of these activities with suitable rhythm and positioning brings about contentment, strength, and the unfolding of your inner powers. This class addresses the physical, emotional and energetic levels of your being, opening us up to experience all that life has to offer, for this weekend of music and beyond.

Root Yourself in Love: Gentle Yoga Flow

Ground yourself in a juicy, gentle, yin yoga flow. Soften and relax by moving a little, slowing down, taking a look at your inner self, and weaving your breath into it all. You'll also pick your own stone to take home with you and set intentions with.

Chakra Vinyasa Flow

In this Vinyasa Flow class we will learn about the chakra system. You will also learn a chakra balancing meditation working with the beeja mantras and colors of each chakra. Class will end with a sound healing savasana accompanied by crystal sound healing bowls attuned to each chakra.

Inner Child Flow

Embody your inner child in this sacred flow through playfulness and intuition. Unlock your magic through a meditation journey followed by a portal opening yoga asana practice. Expect to invoke the passion of lila and the sweetness of nostalgia as we move to unravel back to our truest Selves. Healing harp sound healing and healing touch to be included throughout our adventure towards softness.

Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze is a fun way to discover how to hang like a bat and fly like a bird. Using the yoga sling to create deep heart opening back bends and invigorating inversions while being supported. Pixie Pam will guide you into 20 mins play sessions. Located at the Story Time Stage.
Recommend to wear yoga clothes. Spaces are limited. 

Elemental Flow

Together we’ll weave asana, pranayama, and meditation to honor and embody the wisdom of five elements-earth, water, fire, air, space. By embodying the energies of these elements, we’ll attune to and align these very elements within ourselves. As we integrate with infinite wisdom, we’ll journey home to our natural, limitless state of being.

Wake Up & Shine

Chelsea Seashells blends posture, breath, mantra, and meditation in a dynamic, heart-opening early morning Kundalini yoga class. Kundalini yoga is an uplifting blend of a spiritual and physical yoga practice designed to increase vitality and consciousness.

Flowy Vin - Surrender in Yin

This combined vinyasa and yin yoga class practices the art of surrendering to the heated flow & allows your body to move freely with your breath as your guide. Then switch gears and go from “doing” to “being”. Class finishes with a yummy yin style flow as you surrender to your muscles, joints, and thoughts through longer held gentle asanas- allowing you to connect to your subtle energy body & release any stagnant energy and emotions within. Therapeutic grade essential oils & healing reiki touch will be offered throughout the practice of movement & surrender. 


Body Music Therapy

Body Music Therapy utilizes various ancient body technologies including meditation, breath work, guided visualization, tantra and kundalini in combination with electronic music as a sound structure tool to rewire and create a stronger central nervous and connection between the mind and body. The Bunker founder Bryan Kasenic is on the decks and Kiki instructs the class, with a focus on the neck and thyroid gland which excretes hormones necessary for all the cells in the body to work normally.

Belly Dance

In this fun, supportive dance class, we will explore some of your favorite belly dance moves-- and how to awaken your body to meet them. We'll also have a chance to discuss how belly dance moved from the Middle East, through the 60s hippie movement, and how we use this rich history and body vocabulary today for art, body acceptance, and self-discovery. Diana has been dancing for 15 years, and worked with teachers such as Elizabeth Strong, Natalie Nayun, Sherry Brier, and Suhaila Salimpour. Get ready to challenge your muscles, learn some new moves and laugh!

Interplay and Lotus Flower Meditation

Come get out of your head and into your heart space with this interplay session, incorporating playfulness, improv, movement, dance and vocal exercises.  We will get silly and in touch with our inner children, and then move into the healing group meditation portion. Our unit will embody the energy of a lotus flower, each person a petal and our collective energies a unified flower in motion.  This is a fun and relaxing meditation session that opens our minds and hearts, while making new friends.

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